Peppertint is an eyewear brand based in Los Angeles, California, created by three friends, all with their cultural roots originating from the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Founded in 2012, Peppertint aims to bring urban West Coast fashion to the mass market through affordable, handcrafted eyewear.

A high-grade eyewear using Mazzhuchelli acetate imported from Italy, Carl Zeiss lens, with unrivaled price points and a rigorous in-house production cycle to ensure peak quality, Peppertint puts California culture directly in your line of sight.

Every Peppertint model is named after a street in Los Angeles – Figueroa, Fairfax, Garfield, La Cienega. Each comes with its own distinctive flair and its own experiences drawn from the founders’ collective California memory. Accented with a bold red stripe at the tip of every pair, and dashes of red and white dots representing the flag of the California Republic, Peppertint juxtaposes West Coast vitality with Far East tranquility.

Peppertint is California; memory and fantasy, with creative, exquisite craftsmanship. The brand’s name came from the word “peppermint”, a cross between watermint and spearmint which can grow anywhere in the world. With a similar mission, Peppertint strives to bring and spread the authentic flavor and style of the Californian culture to the rest of the world.